Ring Sizing Information

Determining Ring Size

Getting the right ring size is very important for titanium and black zirconium rings. They cannot be sized as easily as precious metal rings, so more consideration in getting the correct size the first time is required.

Never Use: Paper sizers, string, plastic sizers, measuring of fingers, or guessing based on other fingers.

A quarter ring size is usually around .007", which is the thickness of 2 sheets of paper, so anything other than professional metal sizing rings is bound to be off in size. We can stretch most rings a quarter to a half size, but cannot go down in size. For rings going overseas or very large rings, it pays to include an internal diameter measurement just to be sure the standards are the same.

Best Option #1: Simply send us a ring that you know fits. We can match the size precisely.

Best Option #2: Measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you well.  This can be easily done with a set of digital or dial calipers as seen below.  This ring is measures .851".  When you refer to our chart below you see that equates to: Size 12.25 US or size Y 1/2 British. 

Another Option: Go to a jeweler and try on professional metal sizer rings.  Be sure to try on the wide, flat sizer bands in a similar width you will be ordering.
We can work to quarter sizes, so try to determine the ring size that fits best. It should have some resistance going over the knuckle and should feel comfortable on a finger.

Considerations: Fingers swell in the summer and shrink in the winter. Other factors such as exercise, being in the sun, and water weight gain should be factored in as well. They might make a quarter size difference. It also pays to get fitted at different times of the day and different places. Extremely wide rings like 15mm ones feel tighter than normal width rings, so it might be prudent to add a quarter size in that case.

Here's a chart of the sizes we use: